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Climate Trust's Fundraiser:

Act On Climate For the Holidays

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BENEFITING: Climate Trust

EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2014


Please consider supporting The Climate Trust this holiday season.

With growing media coverage and momentum around domestic and international climate policy in 2014, climate change has never captured so much public attention, nor has it ever been more dire for individuals and key decision-makers to act.

For over 15 years, The Climate Trust has been working to provide real world climate solutions to avoid some of the most dangerous impacts of climate change. The Trust recorded their $10 millionth dollar spent on carbon offsets this year—the equivalent of reducing emissions from over 405,000 cars! 

The milestone investment went towards purchasing offsets from a forestry conservation property in Maine. By encouraging natural forest growth on a 10,000-acre ecological reserve, the project preserves stored carbon in the forest and enables an additional revenue stream through the sale of carbon offsets. The initial offset sale for this single project, represents the equivalent of over 2.5 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

We are fortunate to partner on projects like this each year. They are stories of choosing sustainability over business-as-usual, of finding creative solutions, and championing ‘win-win’ scenarios for landowners and the environment. They are stories of how The Climate Trust was able to not only invest financial resources, but lend their expertise—incentivizing the preservation of both wildlife habitat and intact, healthy forests.

So far, with the generous support of our contributors we have been able to:

  • Reduce just under 2M tons of carbon dioxide
  • Invest $21.6M in over 30 projects – expected to equal over 4.4 million tons of emission reductions!

This holiday season, please consider supporting The Climate Trust and help us write even more success stories. Your year-end gift will enable us to invest in quality people and projects that provide tangible climate benefits—mitigating the effects that record-breaking temperatures are having around the world, and most importantly, here at home.

I hope we can count on your support.



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