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ACA Authorized Retailer Photo
ACA Authorized Retailer Photo
ACA Authorized Retailer Photo
ACA Authorized Retailer Photo
ACA Authorized Retailer Photo

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EVENT DATE: Oct 20, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 30, 2017


ACA is willing to donate $50 to the charity of your choice for every installation installed. We have such great charities to be able to donate to. ACA is making this very easy for you all you have to do is call into our wonderful customer service staff at : 

1-800--686-3807 and tell us which charity you would like to donate to when you get installed DirecTV or Dish your donation will be made in your name!!!


ACA Group Services Corporation is a leading company in Business & Residential Services. Since 2001, ACA Group Service Corporation has been providing business owners and homeowners with the highest quality in services, programming and technology.


We base our success in our policy of customer satisfaction. Our company is unique in the sense that we have our own customer service department.


* Our customer service department has two main functions: *


1) We verify that our sales representatives are providing customers with clear, concise and up to date information, in order to avoid any misunderstandings or future complaints about our service.


2) We provide an exceptional after-sale customer service ensuring our customers’ satisfaction needs have been met. By following our 2.2.2 follow-up schedule; in which, we make quality control calls, two days, two weeks, and two months after each installation, to ensure everything is working properly.


All of our efforts in being a customer service driven company allowed us to be recognized nationwide as one of the top 100 retailer by Dish Network for five consecutive years. We have also been recognized as Dealer of the year by DirecTV. Each member of our team is committed in being a leader in service while complying with the high quality standards that have always made us successful.


ACA Group Service Corporation is engaged in the marketing, sales, and installation of Dish Network & DirecTV, residential & commercial services. Additionally, ACA Group Service Corporation also provides Ring Central services.


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