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Abundant Blessings House Of Hope

Turning hurt into hope.


We are a safe house for pregnant women to come to for safe shelter when their home lives are unsafe, unstable, or unsupportive.

We offer classes focusing on life, business, and child rearing skills. We also offer counseling, information, and resources for the many different adoption options available. This ensures that every woman can make a true choice as to the very best option for and her unborn child. Through our actions, we help heal emotional wounds by displaying the grace and love of Jesus the Christ, as He gave to the Samaritan woman at the well.

Helping these women see past these seemingly hopeless and horrific moments that they are in, and instilling that THESE moments are not what defines them. Rather, it's what they choose to do with these moments that will determine who they become. There is great opportunity, hope, and power in choosing to be a victor.