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Abraham Oladotun Foundation

www.abrahamoladotunfoundation.org Tax ID 82-5102899

About us.

We are a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization founded in Houston TX with operation in underdeveloped countries where such needs are available. We are also registered in Nigeria under the same name. We help less privileged children through Education and Empowerment programs. We believe every child deserves an education and a lack of it will take a toll on their future.

What do we do?

Education sponsorship

We have a vision to release every child we come across from poverty as it's been commended to us by the Lord Jesus.

According to UNICEF, one in every five or waltz out of school children is in Nigeria. Even though primary education is officially free and compulsory, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school. Only 61 percent of 6-11 year-old regularly attend primary school and only 35.6 percent of children aged 36-59 months receive early childhood education.

It is unbelievable to see such large number of out of school children in one of the developing economies in the world.

Poverty, illiteracy and religion is one of the top reasons for the out of school children in the country. This is where we come in. We have an assignment from God to touch as many children as we can. We work to empower less privileged children through education and learning.

We understand that no child gets the chance to choose their parents, since they have less choice in this matter, we are mandated to make sure that they do not live their life limited to the quality of life that is presented to them through a decision they do not have as much choice in making.

Our focus is children that are vulnerable to poverty. We want to make sure that these children have access to quality education. We also ensure that you have access to appropriate skills that can help them for sustenance.

Intervention program

We understand that some of the parents of the children that we sponsor only need a little bump to a better and more comfortable life. By this understanding, we have been able to help some of our parents get a better skill, that will change the economic story. We work with local businesses who are willing to take and train some of this parents, so they can learn a better trade. We also have been help in need for covering some social economic needs such as rent, hospital bills, emergency interventions during times of family crisis such as vehicle accidents. If it touches the child, we step in to help. This program is umbrella under our "how can help program?".

1)  Break the poverty cycle. We achieve this by helping the orphans, the vulnerable and the underprivileged children to complete school. They will be encouraged to further their education or training to enable them break the cycle of poverty. This enable them to help succeeding generations. They will also be able to enhance the possibility of a better life and choices for their families.

2) Encourage and give hope to children around the world, most especially in localities where there seems to be no hope. We have always learned never to despise the days of little beginnings. Every step, we believe, is a kick-start towards a better future for the children and for organization as well