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Abounding in Love

"Filling the Gap" for Filipino children with cleft lip

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Abounding in Love's primary mission is to "fill the gap" so that Filipinos can receive cleft lip and/or palate surgery without financial burden or risk. We support Filipino kids with cleft before, during, and after surgery, by providing medical screening, nutritional assistance, free transportation, and lodging during the surgery, and follow-up support.

What We Aim to Solve

The main problems are as follows: (1) Filipinos in outlying areas, or of very low income, struggle to avail themselves of even free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries because they are often unable to afford the costs of missing work and providing for their own lodging and transportation. (2) The admittance rate for surgery is low, especially for very low-income Filipinos. This can be due to malnutrition, parasites, or other health conditions. This makes going to a free surgery a financial gamble. (3) The non-profits that provide free surgeries are understandably very focused on the surgeries themselves and have few resources available to assist the beneficiaries before and after surgery.

How We Fill the Gap

1. We find kids with cleft

First, our staff in the Philippines travels to municipal offices, clinics, and tiny “barangay” (neighborhood) authorities, to find kids who need cleft lip or palate surgery. Then we visit the family, talk to them, and discuss and document their needs.

2. We schedule a surgery

There are non-profits that already conduct free surgical missions in the Philippines. So we plan which mission the child should go to, based on their location and the schedules of upcoming missions.

3. We help kids get healthy

Poor Filipino families are the ones most likely to be ineligible for surgery, often due to malnutrition. So, we provide nutritional support, and then conduct medical pre-screenings, to identify and fix problems that would make kids unable to receive surgery. Every child enrolled in our program will receive free surgery, unless they are permanently ineligible.

4. We get them to surgery

Many of the people we help have an income under $10 per day. This makes traveling to another part of the country a potentially crippling expense. So, we provide transportation to the location of the surgery.

5. We support the mission

During surgical missions, which may take several days, we provide kids and their families with a place to stay, food, and local transportation. This prevents going to the mission from being a financial burden for people in need. It also helps the surgical missions focus on what they’re best at - the surgeries.

6. We keep helping

After the surgery, we keep in contact. And we keep filling needs, such as by helping with educational costs, or follow-up visits.