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Help us to Build, Strengthen & Empower our girls' self-worth!

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Girls' self-esteem peaks at age nine! From that point on their confidence fades, slipping away as insecurities, doubts and body image issues begin to take hold. Giving our youth a foundation of self-esteem is a gift of unmeasurable wealth as their self-esteem directly impacts future decision making.

        Our mission is to assist young ladies and women with confidence-building activities through successful, fun, interactive workshops. Positive self-esteem will result in well-adjusted, confident, empowered women who positively impact their schools, community and society throughout the United States of America and beyond. Each participant and mentor will know themselves as a reflection of God’s brilliance with self-worth that comes from within.
        As one of a select group of non-profit charities in the midwest we are honored to participate in the Art Van Charity Challenge!  Thank you to the philanthropic efforts of Art Van Elslander who help many, help others!