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Able Nation

Someone should do something. That someone is you.

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Able Nation came about to fulfil the need for church, school and civic group security. We spoke with many schools and churches to find out what they were doing to secure their people. We all agreed that the safety of our children and families was critical, but many did not have the funds necessary for the training. We began by donating time and financial support. The concept grew as others heard about our efforts. In June of 2018,  we formed Able Nation, a 501(c)3, to raise the funds for security training and education, material donations (medical kits), and the donation of security protection at events. 

What Can I Do? 

Donate: We need your help to make our communities safe. Click the "Donate" button above.

Fundraise Your Way: Choose a special event or day, take part in a race, whatever works for you. Create a fundraising page. Then tell everyone you know to support your campaign to raise funds for Able Nation. Click "Start a Campaign" above.

Join Us for Lineage Ride 2019: Honor someone special in your life by joining or supporting the Lineage Ride 2019. Ride in honor of a friend, hero, family member, or someone who helped you become who you are today. Click the link Below.