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Ainsley's Angels of America is excited to aid our local Ambassadors in bringing inclusive road racing to Upstate New York!


What does this mean?  Well, enjoy this video!


What life event happened to make this possible?  Well, enjoy this wonderful story from our local Ambassador, Jeanne:

I was introduced to Ainsley's Angels at the Holland 5K, featuring Team Hoyt, in Massachusetts this past May, 2014. My daughter, Megan, and I travelled from our home in Rochester, NY to participate as "Angels". Megan, age 12, had recently run in a 9 mile road race and was eager to join me for the 5K. I explained to her what our roles would be that day and I was confident that she would be an excellent "Angel". What I didn't foresee, however, was the impact this day would have on my sweet daughter.


Megan and I were paired up with another Team Hoyt member and together the three of us met our rider-athlete, Brittany Ursch (pictured to the left). We also met Brittany's mom and her three sisters. Once the race began, our trio took turns pushing Brittany, who was delighted with our efforts. What a thrill it was for the four of us! We crossed the finish line and were greeted with loud cheers from the Ursch family along with many others. When the race was over, Megan said to me, "Mom, I never realized how lucky I am. When I think of how people intentionally hurt themselves it makes me so mad. We are so lucky that we are able to do what we just did." I still get choked up when I think back to that moment.

Seeing Brittany and Megan experience the thrill of competing made me realize several things that day. First and foremost, I asked myself how I could get disabled members of the Rochester community involved in racing. Secondly, watching the influence this 5K had on my daughter is a memory that will last forever. I have so many friends that I run with in our Moms In Motion group and I know that their families would feel the same compassion that Megan did that day. I know we have what it takes to make Ainsley's Angels a success in Upstate, NY. The first step is for us to get the equipment we need. Namely, a Freedom Jogger Chair like the one used by Brittney in Holland. With you assistance, we can reach our fundraiser goal on this page to equip us with the  push chairs we need and start the process of inclusion road racing, locally!

Warmest regards,
Jeanne Mogauro


YES, YOU CAN...donate 20 or 50 dollars right now to ensure the thrill of rolling with the wind and crossing a road race finish line!

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