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A new life in the bay? Love lives here!

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March 09, 2017

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Michelle Laker


Life in the Bay was born from the desire to create connections between the immigrant communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and their new home. Initially focusing on the students and scholars within the Stanford community, in 2015 Life in the Bay relaunched and refocused. For the past two years we have been bringing together the wider international community, reaching the men and women, and their families, who have come here to study, work, or pursue entrepreneurial dreams. As a team we have written more than 120 articles providing tips, guidance and support on topics such as finding a school, entertaining visitors, and dealing with the death of a loved one while overseas. We have shared countless local new stories, highlighted local events, and more recently brought you updates on political changes that directly affect our community. We are dedicated to providing support, advice and a community for immigrants. Each year, thousands of people arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area to chase their dreams. While local Universities such as Berkeley and Stanford continue to provide unrivaled and enviable support to international students, scholars and their families, the tech firms are only just learning how to support staff, and their families who have relocated from around the world. Employees may be offered mentors, training and more to help them make the most of their new roles, but figuring out ‘life’ in the bay is where we come in. In part due to the recent political upheaval, we realized that there are two starkly different immigrant groups in search of a new life in the Bay Area. One has good job prospects, extensive resources and connections from the companies that employ them, and possibly a six-digit salary. Job prospects are not so good for the other group: arriving here with nothing but what they could carry, they have few connections or resources, and a meager amount of government handouts to survive. Two groups of people who have all left their homeland to start again, yet are so different. Therefore in 2017, we are pushing forward with our mission to support the wider immigrant community, and for the first time considering refugees as part of that community. Aside from helping the expat group that we already support, we are looking for ways to aid refugees settling in the Bay Area. We believe there is an overwhelming goodwill in this community to help and we want to bridge the gap between these two groups and move some resources to those who are in dire need. We’re here to help anyone, from anywhere, create a new life in the Bay Area.



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