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EVENT DATE: May 19, 2018

DEADLINE TO GIVE: May 19, 2018


Help build safer, stronger communities by walking with us in our Western VA Region FosterWalk!


Date & Time: May 19, 2018 Time: 10:00am-1:00pn

Location: Virginia Tech Campus -The War Memorial Chapel 601 Drillfield Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24061


Note: This is a child-friendly event, but all minors must be accompanied by adults.


Why do we walk? Child abuse in the U.S. is reported every 10 seconds. The effects can last a lifetime. The FosterWalks are part of a national campaign to build awareness of child abuse, its lifelong effects, and inspiration for healing.


By joining our FosterWalk events, it benefits our chapters and helps support personal and professional growth for foster care alumni. Funds raised empower foster care alumni to overcome patterns of trauma through peer support, leadership development and advocacy.


Costs: The walk is free and there are no fundraising minimums, but donations are welcome.  Here's  how you can raise $200 in 10 days ...

Donate $20 to yourself ($20)

Ask your partner/roomate for $20 ($40)

Ask one co-worker for $20 ($60)

Ask your boss for $20  ($80)

Ask two friends for $20 ($120)

Ask one relative for $20 (140)

Ask one person from your club for $20 ($160)

Ask one of your neighbors for $20 ($180)

Ask someone from your church for $20 ($200)


About the Virginia Chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America:

For more information about our chapter, visit our website:


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