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Action Committee To Help The Homeless Now's Fundraiser:

The Motor Home Project

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Today, too many of America’s veteran heroes are winding up on the streets of our Cities Hurt, Homeless, Dead and Forgotten. For many years the Action Committee to Help the Homeless Now’s “Motor Home Project” was New York’s most successful outreach program. It provided a safe place where distressed veterans could speak privately to their “brothers-in-arms”.


There they were able to obtain accurate information on hospital care and charitable programs available to them in the area. In addition, the Motor Home carried warm food, clothing and sleeping bags. Often they also got a good night’s sleep in a warm bed.


Sometimes we had long lines of hungry people reaching around the block, waiting for food. It was easy to identify those who were really hungry just by looking into their eyes. Placing a hot plate of food into the hands of someone who was truly hungry was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


This coming year, hundreds of thousands of men and women are scheduled to be discharged from our armed services. They are already appearing in our towns and cities everywhere looking for work, and If they are unsuccessful, history tells us that some of them will wind up homeless and living in our streets.


hhhNow believes that every Town and City in the Country needs a “Motor Home” Project sooner rather than later. They need a proven method of reaching out to our heroes who have become desperate and will otherwise fall through the cracks. They need a place that will provide the help they need, managed by people they trust.



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