Martin Richard Foundation

Martin Richard Foundation
Martin Richard Foundation
GoFundMe Charity FEATURED : Apr 14, 2014
Tax ID: 35-2491896
BASED: Dorchester, MA, United States


Martin Richard Foundation

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The Martin Richard Foundation provides opportunities for young people to learn, grow and lead through volunteerism and community engagement. We look to advance sportsmanship, inclusion, kindness and peace.

The Martin Richard Foundation believes in a more equitable, empowered community for all people. Our work is focused on young people and organizations that help foster learning, growth and leadership through community engagement. We aim to deepen impact by supporting organizations that allow young people to find purpose in their lives and provide support and opportunities required to build successful futures, meaningful relationships and caring communities.

Tax ID: 35-2491896 •


CHICAGO 2020 - Team MR8 Image CHICAGO 2020 - Team MR8 Amount Raised: $7,392

15% Raised of$50,000 Goal

BOSTON 2020 - Team MR8 Image BOSTON 2020 - Team MR8 Amount Raised: $646,610

65% Raised of$1,000,000 Goal