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John J. Byrne Community Center's Fundraiser:

End of Year Charity Challenge

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Join our End of Year Charity Challenge! - We need JUST 25 more people this month to be eligible to receive funds! Will you be one of the 25? We hope so.

Do you have a TD Bank Account, or would like to open one and get a $25 New Account Gift?

TD Bank has partnered with us to raise funds to help our community center. Now we need you to join that partnership and help seal the deal!

We've joined TD Bank's Affinity Membership Program, which provides our organization the opportunity to earn annual cash contributions. We're thrilled with the ease of participating in this program, especially that there is no cost to you for helping us.

Here's how it works:

TD Bank will contribute to John J. Byrne Community Center (JJBCC), a donation based on 1/4% of the average daily balance of all interest-earning accounts, and 1/2% of the average daily balance of all non-interest-earning accounts of all those who link their accounts to John J. Byrne Community Center's (JJBCC) affinity program. In order to receive the donation, John J. Byrne Community Center must have at least 50 households participating. Your participation is essential!

Will any of your funds be withdrawn by TD Bank for use by John J. Byrne Community Center (JJBCC)?

- Absolutely not. The donation that JJBCC receives is a donation from TD Bank. not money from your accounts.

What types of accounts qualify for this program?

Personal: Checking, Savings, Money Market, CD and Retirement accounts.
-  Business: Checking

* Note: If you have multiple accounts at TD Bank - all will count for the program. (Mortgages and home equity loans do not count for this program, neither do TD Ameritrade accounts.)

Is this program available for businesses or just individuals?

- Yes, however for businesses, only their checking accounts qualify.

Will JJBCC know who has asked the bank to link their accounts?

- No, your name and information will remain confidential. This program is managed entirely by TD Bank. TD Bank will NOT release to us the names of anyone who has made this request. Periodically, TD Bank will notify us of the total number of accounts that have signed up, and the total amount of all the balances combined of the participants. TD Bank will NEVER reveal any particular account's name or balances.

Does it matter which TD Bank branch I bank with?

- No, As long as you have or open a TD Bank account in the United States, you can make the request. So please, encourage your relatives, friends and business partners of the states in which TD Bank is located to call 888-751-9000 and give them code A1758  as the JJBCC Affinity Membership code to link your accouts to. They are available 24/7.

Can people who are not JJBCC's members participate?

-Yes! Please ask your friends and family to join, as well. The more people that join, the greater the donation TD Bank will make to JJBCC. Please, forward this information to them, and ask them to join you in helping us raise funds for JJBCC.

Still have questions?

- Call, JJBCC at 516-554-8124 x 101 or email our Executive Director, David Greaves at

- Call or Email Our Local Branch Representative:

Our Affinity Membership Program Code is A1758 to link your accounts to JJBCC.

Robert Bullock, East Meadow Store Manager - # NMLS ID# 74196
252 Peninsula Blvd
Hempstead, N.Y. 11550
Email to
Office Phone: 516-292-2030
Cell: 917-576-4567

**Please note that although this fundraiser is designed to get your support through donations from TD Bank, you may still donate financially to this fundraiser and ask others to do so - that makes us even more successful in raising funds to benefit the center and and the programs.





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