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Survivors For Good

Healing with Action. Epowering growth, Building solutions and resiliency.

https://survivorsforgood.org Tax ID 84-4280789


Our Mission:

This Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for the tax exempt charitable purpose of providing advocacy, scientific research, educational programs and technology solutions to implement better outcomes for all survivors.

Experience and Professionalism

We combine health,  prevention, education and advocacy to find effective solutions, for the good of society.

Survivors For Good was forged from tragedy turned towards healing.  What began with Burn Survivors has grown into a Mission for Survivors of many types of traumas, injuries and/or congenital anomalies. We are in the process of branching and building our community - we are Survivors For Good.

We have expanded our focus to include more First Responders, Military and Veterans to add their strength to our boundaryless community - this is how we build resiliency - we cross-pollinate solutions.
Now, we need your sponsorship.