Superhero Sprint for Justice

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EVENT DATE: Nov 11, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 06, 2014

Calling all Superheroes! and have teamed up for a superhero challenge to honor our real heroes, our Veterans and Servicemembers!

That's right; we will be sprinting, walking, jumping and in general, moving for Justice!

All proceeds will be donated to the Veterans’ Legal Assistance Project to help Veterans and Servicemembers find legal help.

The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education hosts a number of educational and legal programs including four legal information websites and two legal assistance projects: the Modest Means Project and the Veterans’ Legal Assistance Project. For more information please visit the Foundation’s website. If you are in need of legal assistance you can reach these programs by clicking here or by calling the Legal LEARN hotline at (866)637-5341.

Challenges, I love challenges, what do I need to do?

So glad you asked!

First sign up!

Use the "Donate to this Fundraiser" button to register.

$35 for children
$50 for adults
$40 per person for teams (at least 5 members)
$1000 to be a fellow

Then complete the survey we send to your email to get your challenge swag!

Starting on Veteran's Day, November 11th, get up and move! Move often and count up those minutes! 

Take pictures in your challenge gear or dress up as your own superhero. Share these photos on the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education Facebook page to earn extra raffle tickets or purchase raffle tickets here on the Foundation's Donate page.

1 ticket is $5

5 tickets for $20

Finally on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, submit the amount of time you spent being active to and find out if you won the raffle.

Come back to the site later to see where you rank.

It's that easy!

For more information about the rules of this Challenge please click here.

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