Student Advocacy Summit Photo

The Story

The March for Science isn't about one day - this movement, powered by community organizers and individual advocates, is a force for science advocacy.  We cannot do it without your help.  With your support, we make sure science stays a part of the political conversation and build a community of advocates who take action year-round.  We can create resources to empower more than one million individual advocates, thousands of community organizers, and hundreds of partner organizations as a diverse and powerful coalition that advocates for equitable, evidence-based policies for the common good.  We can fund a community grant program that supports science outreach initiatives in communities across the country.  We can amplify your voices and create lasting change.  Whether you donate $3 or $300, every dollar helps us advocate for equitable, evidence-based policies for all.


July 6-8, March for Science is hosting a Student Advocacy Summit that will epower young people as community leaders and advocates for our future.  This event will be recorded and free for all participants to ensure that all young people are able to learn the skills to be a force for the future.  We can't do that without your help.  Whether you donate $3 or $300, every dollar helps us support a growing community of science advocates of all ages.


Learn more about teh Student Advocacy Summit and SIGNS Summit at