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EVENT DATE: Jul 07, 2018

In lieu of gifts for our wedding, we're asking our guests to donate to some of our favorite causes!

  • Against Malaria Foundation - Each year, malaria afflicts hundreds of millions of people, and kills hundreds of thousands - most of them children. Mosquito bed nets are the most effective way of preventing malaria cases, and cost as little as $2 each. As such, anti-malaria campaigns are among the most cost-effective charitable interventions out there.
  • Innovations for Poverty Action - Donating money is simple, but figuring out where your donated money would have the most impact is complicated. Innovations for Poverty Action brings together top researchers and non-profit decision-makers to determine through randomized controlled trials what interventions are the most effective at reducing poverty around the world. As data scientists, we're both really excited about this kind of work!
  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity - We are both super-fortunate to have had access to top-quality education throughout our entire upbringing. Most young people don't have the same opportunity, resulting in a lot of wasted potential. SEO opens doors for young people from underserved communities to maximize their opportunities for success.

Just click the "Donate to a Fundraiser" button above, select one of the causes from the drop-down list, and choose your contribution amount.


We really appreciate your generosity! Knowing our wedding will be used to support these incredible causes is the best gift we can ask for. The more you're able to contribute, the happier you will make us on our special day :-)



Steven and Peggy