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St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

At the core of St. Luke's is Christ-centered love lived out through: Acceptance, Hospitality, Community, Discipleship, and Service.

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St. Luke’s exists to awaken disciples to reveal the Kingdom, and reveal the Kingdom to awaken disciples.

St. Luke’s Core Values: At St. Luke’s center is the love of Jesus Christ.

St. Luke’s values Christ-Centered:

Acceptance: We recognize that Christ’s love has no boundaries.

Hospitality: We welcome all to share Christ’s love through help, hope, and healing. 

Community: We claim a sacred place where Christ’s love unites all to support and care for others while nurturing a personal relationship with God.

Discipleship: We believe we are called to be living representatives of Jesus Christ and bring others to know God’s mercy, justice, grace, and love.

Service: We respond to Christ’s love and God’s call, by sharing our time, talents, tithes, spiritual gifts, and resources.