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Solar Swim

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Burleson Institute, Inc. wrote -

All contributions welcome!!!! We are doing a solar swim as part of a continuing effort to fund public interest network initiatives. We have been combining a social swim, where folks swim across the river with a master swim where Elizabeth Burleson has been swimming a mile to a mile and a half daily from mid June to the end of August. This Solar Swim: 60 Miles 60 Days offers a way to engage energy and commitment towards a love of swimming and the larger global coal of energy access for all. We are offering micro grants to youth in Africa to be able to read after dark and continue their educations. We are also engaged in showing the evolution of energy innovation through producing maple syrup. This has evolved into resilience cooking initiatives including a fun maple cookbook and solar cooking innovation demos. Together these elements form an energy - climate - water matrix and we are deeply engaged in international sustainability negotiations. Stay tuned for our documentary film showcasing these initiatives! 

* Solar Swim 60 miles 60 days

* Water Watch Watershed Integrity Outreach

* Maple Syrup - Energy Evolution (tribal -> solar)

* Energy-Water-Climate Consensus Building

* Ingredients of Innovation & Resilience - What Does Hope Look Like?

Thank you for any support and/or visibility that you can offer and best wishes on all of your projects!



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