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Sleep In 2016 Photo
Sleep In 2016 Photo
Sleep In 2016 Photo
Sleep In 2016 Photo
Sleep In 2016 Photo
Sleep In 2016 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Mar 11, 2016

Number of SLEEP IN Hours Pledged: 189.0

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Mar 31, 2016

On the weekend of March 11-13, 2016, Project Sleep invites you to join the international #SLEEPIN2016 to raise awareness about sleep health and sleep disorders during National Sleep Awareness Week. Set up your fundraiser (above) and challenge yourself to stay in bed for 12-48 hours. Ask your friends and family to join you or sponsor your SLEEP IN to benefit Project Sleep, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making sleep cool.


Calling on sleep-loving humans and pets!
By donating/participating in Project Sleep’s #SLEEPIN2016, you will be joining an international movement of people looking to make PEACE with SLEEP. Whether you are sleepy teen, person with a sleep disorder, supporter, sleep professional, or sleep enthusiast – your SLEEP IN matters. Use your voice, and your bed, to shine light on the night. 


What does it cost?
It’s FREE to register at www.crowdrise.com/sleepin2016, however we encourage you to make the first donation on your fundraising page to inspire your supporters. Once your fundraising page is set up, email your friends and family to challenge them to participate or donate.


Why participate?
Nearly 70 percent of adults report insufficient sleep or rest at least once a month. Almost 70 percent of high school adolescents are not getting enough sleep. An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans chronically suffer from sleep or circadian disorders. Sleep is the misunderstood and often-overlooked pillar of health. Sleepiness is NOT laziness. By participating in Project Sleep’s SLEEP IN 2016, we are waking up the world to the importance and power of sleep!


Full event details: www.project-sleep.com/sleepin