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EVENT DATE: Sep 19, 2015

I am participating in the 2nd Annual 'BE A FRIEND' 5K Walkathon on Saturday, September 19 in support of Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center, which is devoted to helping New Yorkers in distress and saving lives… one at a time!


Samaritans operates NYC's only 24-hour suicide prevention hotline, support groups that provide solace to those who have been touched by suicide, and education programs that teach the public and health professionals how to help people in crisis.


Whenever a person in distress needs a place to turn, a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to who will take them seriously and listen--Samaritans Is There!


Suicide is still a taboo subject, though most of us know someone who struggles with mental illness, trauma, sexual abuse, bullying or some kind of tragedy. That stigma means very few people think to make charitable donations to Samaritans, which is able to operate on a shoestring thanks to the contributions of its caring volunteers.


Please support my efforts to help this unique community-based organization continue its all-important, life-saving work. Every donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Support Samaritans of New York's 2nd Annual 'BE A FRIEND' Walkathon.


Be a Walkathon sponsor and help your friend or family member meet their goal of raising needed funds to support Samaritans mission.


Your sponsorship helps fund NYC's 24-hour suicide prevention hotline (that answered over 82,000 calls last year), our support groups that serve hundreds of people who have lost loved ones to suicide and our public education program that has trained over 40,000 health providers in the keys to preventing suicide.


Samaritans 120 caring volunteers are the heart of our organization, donating 35,000 hours a year to guarantee that when a person in crisis calls there is always someone there who will take them seriously, listen to what they are going through and provide a shoulder to lean on.