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Saffyre Sanctuary - A Place OF Our Own!

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Since January 2012, the equestrian facility that we have been operating out of had been donating stalls and other amenities that allowed us to house our horses and conduct our programming. However, over the last year, the owners of this property went through their own economic hardships and started charging us board and fees, raising our expenses significantly. The result has been that we no longer have the flexibility of assisting any additional equines at this location. Additional restrictions on the use of this facility make it no longer possible for this location to provide a peaceful and productive place to remain fully engaged in our mission.

Horses teach us how to reconnect with the world we share, how to listen, how to cooperate, how to bring balance within you, and most importantly, how to become one with the environment. With over 90 new volunteers, we no longer have the room to have them completely interact with the horses on a level that we require, in order to fully enjoy, experience, and engage in what the horses teach them. To do this effectively, we must be in a space that allows us, and the horses, to do their life’s work.

Saffyre Sanctuary is not only an organization, but an actual Place. We have finally found that place we wish to call our own. A location that allows us to operate as needed now, and where we can expand on what we do. The property we have targeted is located in Fillmore California. This property is centrally located in proximity to Los Angeles and Ventura counties and, accessible to a much larger portion of the populous. Being within 3 miles of 7 schools, this area is ideal for the type of work we do since the community mostly consists of agricultural workers and lower income families of diverse cultures.




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