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Red Lotus Project

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BENEFITING: Somaly Mam Foundation

ORGANIZER: Jacquelene

Rory Fish


Jacquelene Adam wrote -

My name is Jacquelene and this is my Red Lotus Project.


Mission: To raise awareness on the beauty and the many disasters of our globe, concentrating on the global crises of sexual slavery, a billion dollar industry and a global disaster. I want to share the beauty of our world while also raising awareness on issues. Call it a beautiful disaster.

I begin my quest in South East Asia in hopes to raise awareness and funds to help end sexual slavery. But be aware sexual slavery is closer than you think. Over 2 million children are sold into sexual slavery worldwide, including children in your home state. An estimated 100,000 children are sexually exploited in the U.S. each year.

After traveling through South East Asia I became aware of sexual slavery. I saw girls, young girls no older than 12, outside of brothels, luring in people passing by. My heart broke and continues to break as this billion dollar industry continues.

When I returned home, I reached out to the Somaly Mam Foundation. I watched videos of survival stories, I read Somaly Mam's painful and heroic autobiography, I became aware.

Somaly Mam's strength and dedication towards ending sexual slavery has inspired me to make a difference. The survivors heart breaking stories empower me to make a difference.

Survivors like Long Pross, who bares the mark of slavery on her face. Long Pross was captured and trafficked at age 13; she hadn't had her first period. Long Pross's virginity was sold four times. She became pregnant twice and the second time had to wait four months before they gave her an abortion. She was in so much pain she begged and pleated for rest and the brothel owner stabbed her eye out with a metal piece. She was tossed onto the streets, believed to ugly to sell.

*Become Aware* *Share the Stories* * Donate to End Sexual Slavery*

Children as young as 4 years old may be sold into sexual slavery for as little as $100 and forced to take up to 30 clients a day.

Recently a 3 month old baby was rescued from a brother in Cambodia and had been a victim of sexual assault and abuse. A 3 month old baby.

The Somaly Mam Foundation

Our vision: A world where women and children are free from slavery.

Our mission: To give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, liberate victims, end slavery, and empower survivors as they create and sustain lives of dignity.


How Can You Help?

Donate to the cause. Take a few mornings off from buying coffee, use the money in your change jar.

6 venti soy lattes= about $30 or a medical exam and blood test for a child rescued from a brothel.

$120- helps provide a survivor specialized training in weaving, sewing, salon or other vocational skills that will help her get a job and stay employed.

$360- will pay security to keep rescued children safe from violent offenders.

$1,000- will pay a psychologist's annual salary for counseling and rehabilitation.

$1,800- provides an academic scholarship to a survivor of sexual slavery.

*You have the ability to turn a child's living hell into a life of hope and a future free of sexual slavery.*

Raise Awarenes. By watching the videos, reading the stories and becoming aware you are helping. Share the stories with others. Use these horrific tales of sexual slavery as empowerment to make a difference.

Attend an Event. Currently there are no events for the Red Lotus Project. Please check back soon as future events are in the works!





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