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EVENT DATE: Sep 16, 2015

Spreading the Holiday Spirit of Giving, All Year Round!

Christmas in the City runners will run 198 miles, from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Keeping the holiday spirit of kindness and charity alive all year long is a marathon feat—each day brings a challenge and opportunity for acts of compassion. As veteran marathoners, we are venturing forth to spread that holiday cheer throughout the year, bringing a bit of Christmas to those in need.
We do so by supporting Christmas in the City. The twelve of us will run Reach the Beach 2015 on behalf of Christmas in the City.

What is Christmas in the City?
Simply stated, CITC provides the homeless children of Boston a Christmas, granting them a gift, a meal with their family, an enjoyable celebration in a Winter Wonderland and, most importantly, a lasting impression that there are those in society that care.

Some facts about Christmas in the City:

​We are 100% volunteer. There is NO PAID STAFF for Christmas in the City.
Christmas in the City offers homeless children a Christmas.
It does so by matching thousands of homeless kids with donated gifts
It culminates in a signature gift-giving event, complete with a luncheon feeding thousands of families, a winter wonderland with rides, entertainment and the opportunity to meet Santa and his friends.
Christmas in the City serves thousands of under-served children and families in the Boston-area every year.
Working to answer the growing needs of a troubled economy, Christmas in the City served almost 8000 children last year (2014) alone.
Christmas in the City teaches both receivers and givers of gifts the joys of compassion, offering many a lifelong lesson in the benefits of sharing.
Christmas in the City also builds on the idea of community helping community, bringing responsible people together to help their less-fortunate neighbors.
Christmas in the City is completely organized and operated by volunteers and pro bono services—it is a non-profit charity since 1989.
Preparation for Christmas in the City is a year-round process, with ongoing efforts to fundraise, gather donated gifts and plan the logistics that make it all successful.
The Christmas in the City network has expanded its efforts to provide follow-up services for selected families through its Adopt-a-Family program. The idea is to give extra aid beyond the holidays to families with the most extreme needs, helping them transition from homeless shelters to their own home.

Join our effort:
Remember, children who are homeless do not have a choice in their condition. But, you have a choice to help! Join us in this effort. You can do so by donating through this page. Or contact us for direct mailing instructions.

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