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The Rosarito Coast is a beautiful strip of land in Northern Baja, Mexico, where Americans make their retirement dreams come true and surfers flock down from California in search of legendary surf spots. In stark contrast, it is also home to an impoverished population, whose children don’t have the privilege of taking swimming lessons or learning a sport. Parents are often away working to provide for them.


These youths are vulnerable and fall prey of social ills, such as gang activity, substance abuse, school desertion and crime.


The Club de Niños y Niñas de Rosarito (Boys and Girls Club, Rosarito Chapter) was created with the mission to involve kids in activities that awaken their physical, mental, and social abilities, and strives to create artists, athletes, and community leaders. It is affiliated to the Boys and Girls Club in America, one of the oldest and most prestigious non-profits in the U.S.


Created in 2008, Club de Niños y Niñas Rosarito was the first of the eight Boys and Girls Clubs now operating in Mexico. Aimed at underprivileged populations in cities, the Clubs offer a wide range of services, including support for families and mentorship.


The youth participating in their Homework and Mentorship programs increased their school attendance by a whopping 87%. And an evaluation of the housing projects within these Clubs found a decrease in both criminal and drug activities.


These results are very much inline with the requirements of the ReSurf syllabus, which states that in order to attend the ReSurf Club, teens must maintain a good record of school attendance and good grades.


Run by the extraordinary Rosy Torres, a woman with deep roots in this area, the Boys and Girls Club is a natural partner for ReSurf, as we share a deep commitment to inspire, engage and change the lives of underprivileged teens.


Surf culture is intricately related to photography and film. Hence, our ReSurf teens will not only learn the sport, but also acquire technical skills in video production, photography, illustration and web design. Oceanography and board repair are also taught. It is our goal that these skills expand their curiosity and open up the door for future employment opportunities.


The effort to bring the ReSurf Club to Rosarito has involved more than 250 volunteers from San Diego, CA. including many students from the ReSurf Teen Initiative Program. These amazing ambassadors worked tirelessly collecting used surfboards, refurbishing and decorating them, creating a community within the community.


The Rosarito project is launching on June 22, 2015. Click here to learn more.

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