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ReSurf Long Beach Photo
ReSurf Long Beach Photo

The Story


Beyond the warm sands of Long Beach, lies a city with deep social issues in need of repair.


The story of the Long Beach suburbs is that of the “melting pot” mirage, where a more diverse population has not necessarily translated into interaction between different groups.


Minorities often concentrate in specific neighborhoods that function as self-contained microcosms. Coming of age in this area, teens often develop feelings of alienation, lack of desire for social mobility, and hopelessness.


Even when African-American or Hispanic teens in North Park dream of making a positive contribution to society, the peer pressure, drugs, gang activity, and crime often shatter those dreams.


We are certain that the Long Beach ReSurf Club will be an awesome platform to foster integration within the community by bringing kids from diverse backgrounds together in the water, where waves rule and we are all the same. The ReSurf Club will provide a neutral ground to connect, break barriers, and move beyond stereotypes.


In this mission, we have three phenomenal local partners: the Long Beach Martin Luther King Center; the Long Beach Parks and Recreation Department; and the support of Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky as well. MLK Center is a community-based organization, deeply sensitive to the issues facing North Park and Nassau County´s youths. Their commitment to “shaping and molding young people during the early stages of their lives” is intended to help them achieve their maximum potential and live productive, successful lives.


Surf culture is intricately related to photography and film. Hence, our ReSurf teens will not only learn the sport, but also acquire technical skills in video production, photography, illustration and web design. Oceanography and board repair are also taught. These skills will expand their curiosity and open up the door for future employment opportunities.


We will be using the amazing facilities at the Long Beach Rec Center for our athletic training and workshops. Not even the freezing New York winters will prevent our teens from getting stoked, as we´ll be able to use the Rec Center’s indoor pool for water exercises during those months. ReSurf alongside professional artists and volunteers will be building the Surf Shack to store all the donated equipment.


ReSurf is stoked to be launching their program in the summer of 2015. Click here to learn more.

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