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Pull For Pride Stewartstown Photo
Pull For Pride Stewartstown Photo
Pull For Pride Stewartstown Photo
Pull For Pride Stewartstown Photo

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EVENT DATE: Jun 16, 2018

Hosted By McKenna's Gym

Pull For Pride is a nationwide deadlifting fundraiser, open to all gender identities and experience levels. Participants will be raising $1 for every pound they plan to lift, to uplift homeless youth around the country. All seven Pull For Pride events will be fundraising for nonprofits in their community that provide direct support to LGBTQ youth struggling with homelessness.


Go to PullForPride.com for more information on this powerhouse event.


Who Pull For Pride Stewartstown is Helping: Valley Youth House Pride Program 


Valley Youth House’s Pride program is the longest running housing program for LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia. Started in 2009, Pride gives youth the opportunity to embrace their identity and overcome the obstacles presented by housing insecurities and homelessness. In 2017, VYH launched Pride in the Lehigh Valley.

Pride provides housing and supportive services for homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Youth are provided a safe place to be themselves and gain support to make the typical transitions that occur during late adolescence and early adulthood.


About The Event:


At the event up to 45 lifter-fundraisers will take turns deadlifting progressively higher weights, aiming to match dollar for pound to help lift up these often-unnoticed homeless youth. The deadlift, for the uninitiated, involves stepping up behind a loaded barbell, grasping the bar, standing up with the weight, and setting it back down on the ground. It is a simple lift that is imbued with meaning: coming forward to face a challenge, and succeeding through the simple mechanism of one’s own strength.