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Protect Your Butt Photo

The Story

Hello and THANK YOU for answering our call!


Maybe a friend told you?  You were recently butt dialed?   Maybe advice from your doctor?




Because Butts are important!  And we are going to save millions of lives with your help. Did you know that CANCER in the BUTT (colon cancer) is the #2 killer in the USA??


With your help, we are going to KICK CANCER in the BUTT!!


Three simple steps:   take a BELFIE, vote for the best butt in the USA and share this with your friends & family!!


Our BUTTS are too important!!



Team Organizer's Photo

Man butt selfie

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Team Organizer's Photo

But(t)ler Family Belfie!

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Team Organizer's Photo

Remembering Robin

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Ryan's BELFIE!!

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Yoga Mama

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