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It is said that play is the work of children. After all, it’s on the playground that children learn how to take risks, compromise with others and – remember the thrill of pushing yourself on the swing? – feel the satisfaction of doing something on their own.

All children need that opportunity. Unfortunately, not all families have access to a community playground. There are even fewer options for those with mobility and cognitive issues. 

 Preston Buenaga’s mom, Deb, has seen it firsthand. She watches Preston sit in his wheelchair next to her at the playground while the other children play. He smiles when they smile, but it’s not the same.

Preston’s Playground is about making inclusive play the expectation and not the exception here in Delaware, where nearly 13 percent of residents are living with a disability. We want to get these children and adults off the sidelines and into the fun.

We are building an all-inclusive playground located at the Newark Reservoir.  We already have the land and are beginning our journey to raise the $400,000 to complete construction. Our goal is to have the park finished by the end of 2016.

But we need help. We are looking for donors who understand our vision and want to join us to make it reality. Help all of Delaware’s kids to do their work on the playground by joining us on this journey.

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Preston's Playground

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