We want to make your experience as seamless as possible. Using these tools, anyone can become a top fundraiser! Please bookmark this page to use as a reference for anything you need to prepare for the event.


The Power Walk for Dress for Success® is a celebration of a women’s dedication to liberating herself from economic challenges. An international 5k walk dedicated to empowering women on their quest for economic independence, we support and encourage our clients – more than 1,000,000 women in nearly 145 cities throughout 21 countries – to unleash the power within and live a healthy, active and purposeful life.

For the past 20 years, Dress for Success has saved women’s lives all over the world. Your support, your commitment and your contribution helps us serve our women fighting against poverty, gender inequality and life-threatening health challenges. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors and supporters. The Power Walk for Dress for Success helps women gain a healthy mind, body and spirit through achieving social, intellectual and physical wellness. Each mile on the 3.1 mile walk represents one of the three phases our women experience as they journey along the path to success; from being unemployed and searching, to recently employed and adjusting, and to gainfully employed and succeeding. Dress for Success’ progress, is the world’s progress. It’s time to celebrate women and their achievements. Will you help women to thrive?

The Power Walk for Dress for Success is a fun, family friendly 5k walk that raises awareness and funds to support a future where women prioritize health and wellness, in order to thrive in work and in life. Proceeds from the event will benefit Dress for Success’ health and wellness initiatives and its continuum of services and programs, which provide women with the tools to be encouraged and empowered in leading a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle that yields career success.

To learn more about Dress for Success and our programs please visit

GET Registered

Registration Details

1. To begin the registration process, click the “REGISTER” button on the fundraising main page. After you click the “REGISTER” button, you will be taken to a new screen called “EVENT REGISTRATION.”

2. On the EVENT REGISTRATION page, you will have several different registration options to choose from. Once you decide and select the most appropriate registration option, click “NEXT STEPS.”

3. You will then be bought to the “SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER” prompt. Your options will include, “Join a Team” or “Create a Team” or “Fundraise as an Individual.”

a. “Join a Team” means you would like to join an already existing team.

b. “Create a Team” means you would like to create a team and serve as the official team captain/manager. You will be responsible for inviting friends and family to join your team and fundraise.

c. “Fundraise as an individual” means you will be walking and fundraising as an individual. You can invite friends and family to make donation towards your fundraiser.

4. To participate in the walk without being a part of a team, select the “Fundraise as an Individual” option. This will allow you entry to the 5k walk

5. To join an existing team, select the “Join the Team” option, and select the Team name from the drop-down menu. Once you find the team you wish to join, select it, click “Next”, and proceed with registration.

6. Once you complete your online registration, you can still make additional donations! Encourage your family and friends to fundraise on your behalf!

7. Dress for Success encourages you to walk with your family and friends! Be sure to sign up as a team in order to qualify for special incentives! Please see team information for more details.

Participation is non-transferrable and registration fees are non-refundable. Your registration fee will become a fully tax-deductible contribution. We appreciate your understanding.

Creating a Team and Serving as Team Captain

1. It’s super easy to create a team! You can form a team while registering online, by selecting the option to “CREATE A TEAM” – by choosing this option, you will become the Team Captain and will be asked to enter a Team Name. Those who wish to join your team can then register by selecting the option to “Join a Team.”

2. PLEASE NOTE: As a Team Captain, there is a strong suggested $250 minimum fundraising requirement for your team.

3. There are no limits on team size – sign up as many teammates as you can! Everyone in your address book and email list a potential teammate! Brainstorm with your teammates or use this list to get started: family, friends, colleagues, classmates, contacts on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, babysitters, gym buddies, local businesses, religious organizations, book clubs, etc., are all potential Power Walkers! Participation is non-transferrable and registration fees are non-refundable. Your registration fee will become a fully tax-deductible contribution. We appreciate your understanding.


Using these simple tools, anyone can become a top fundraiser! Choose the fundraising tools that you are most comfortable with, and feel free to combine them. Whichever methods you pick, don’t delay putting them into practice! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reach (and maybe even exceed!) your fundraising goal.

Tip #1: Educate yourself! Your contacts will be more likely to donate once they learn about Dress for Success and its mission! Study the following points and use it as a tool to reach your fundraising goal.

• Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

• Since starting operations in 1997, Dress for Success has expanded to nearly 150 cities in 20 countries globally. To date, Dress for Success has helped more than 925,000 women work towards self-sufficiency.

Tip #2: Tell your story – Why are you fundraising? Think about what compelled you to support Dress for Success and how you came about signing up for the Power Walk. Share your personal anecdote and watch the support of family, friends and colleagues pour in!

Tip #3: Make it personal! Add your own pictures, story and/or video to your fundraiser page.

Tip #4: Treat your “ask” as an everyday conversation! Build your request around your excitement and enthusiasm for walking as well as supporting Dress for Success. Share stories about why the organization and The Power Walk for Dress for Success are fun and important to you.

Tip #5: Be confident when asking donors for support! Don’t fear rejection or feel embarrassed and nervous. Make sure you are fully prepared and the request will be a breeze!

Tip #6: Remember you are not asking for the contribution for yourself! You are asking on behalf of Dress for Success and for all the women we serve. Don’t feel guilty or greedy – you are being generous. Your image will only be enhanced when your contacts learn that you are working for a good cause.

Tip #7: Double or triple your fundraising with matching gifts! Corporate matching gifts are a great way for donors and participants to maximize their contributions and make an even stronger impact through their fundraising! Remind all of your colleagues, friends or donors to check with their employer for eligibility requirements and to obtain a matching gift form.  Dress for Success will benefit greatly from the doubled or even tripled donations!


There are so many fast and easy ways to fundraise using social media. Below are some tips and sample social media posts to help spread the word and encourage your network to become involved. The official hashtag for The Power Walk for Dress for Success is #dfspowerwalk.


• Create a Facebook event page and invite your friends and family to join you in fundraising for The Power Walk for Dress for Success.
• Post your personal fundraising site URL on Facebook and Instagram. Then tweet it!

• Create a personalized message for your Facebook Wall and Newsfeed
Sample Message Options
• “Please join me in supporting the Power Walk for Dress for Success!”
• “I’m participating in the Power Walk for Dress for Success. Help me support women!”

• Frequently update your status to share fundraising milestones and thank friends for donating
• Send personal messages to your Facebook friends
• Use YouTube to share your story and send links to your video through email, Facebook, and Twitter


• Always share your fundraising URL!
• Frequently tweet and post on Instagram and Facebook to share fundraising milestones
• Ask friends to re-post and re-Tweet your status updates and fundraising site’s URL
• Don’t be shy! Give yourself the exposure you deserve.
• • Get in touch! Follow up! Stay connected!

Sample Social Media Posts

• SAVE THE DATE! The Power Walk will return to [insert city]. Check out [insert URL] for more details! #dfspowerwalk

• The Power Walk is a unique global 5K walk dedicated to empowering women on their quest for economic independence! #dfspowerwalk

• We know where we’ll be this weekend! Join us as we walk to empower women! #dfspowerwalk [insert URL]


If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding anything related to your CrowdRise campaign, please reach out to your local Affiliate for guidance. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

Dress for Success aims to provide all the materials necessary to ensure that you are successful in leading your campaign, whether it be emails to send to secure team members, sample social media posts or access to DFS staff to brainstorm and troubleshoot. We are here to make this special event a beautiful experience for all our participants!

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