Positive Direction's Climb-A-Thon

Positive Direction's Climb-A-Thon Photo
Positive Direction's Climb-A-Thon Photo
Positive Direction's Climb-A-Thon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 06, 2018

This amazing event is to raise both awareness and support for Positive Directions AIDS Walk 2018! Each climber will pledge to climb a certain amount routes/distance throughout the evening, and through this they will need support from the community in order to achieve this goal! Bliss has been a supporter of Positive Directions and its efforts to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV in the Wichita area. All proceeds will go directly to the Bliss AIDS Walk team for this years walk, and thus directly to the programs that serve the city. So find your favorite climber and support them and do your part to help the community to reach zero infections! Climbers- To create a team click on "start your fundraiser" on the main event page and follow the prompts. To donate to a team, either find the climber on social media outlets, or scroll down on the main page and click on your climber, thus follow the prompts. If you are not donating online, please make checks out to Positive Directions and include your climbers name. Thank you all for all your support!

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Brett's Super Send Show!

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