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The Story

Pitch-in to empower low-income entrepreneurs to move out of poverty through small business ownership. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to triple the amount of customized coaching per client.


The Need

Stable, long-term employment with competitive pay and benefits is becoming less and less common in today's labor market, while low-wage service work and temporary employment are on the rise. Many marginalized communities are being forgotten in this new reality. Individuals are trapped in low-wage jobs, generational poverty, and financial instability. This severely limits households' earning potential and a path to achieving the American Dream.


Microbusiness is a viable pathway out of persistent, generational poverty, and provides opportunities for workers with little chance of securing high-quality jobs to increase their income. 


The Solution

Ventures makes small business ownership a solution to inadequate or unstable employment opportunities for low-income individuals. Each year we empower over 600 entrepreneurs by giving them the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses, increase their financial stability, and improve their lives! 


Ventures provides a comprehensive toolkit of services for low-income entrepreneurs, which includes microloans, free legal assistance, financial literacy education, matched savings accounts, access to new markets through our retail store and business incubator in Pike Place Market-- and we supplement all of these services with our specialized training and coaching. 


Through our customized coaching we help identify and overcome barriers to business success. Our staff are more than just coaches: they are teachers, mentors, counselors, and business consultants. They help clients implement lessons learned in Ventures training courses to create successful marketing, sales, and financial plans so they can grow their businesses. Coaches also teach soft skills like confidence and goal-setting and provide invaluable moral support to help clients achieve their dreams.


With your support, a single mom of two can become a CEO of her own small business; a disabled veteran can launch his dream business; or a young, ambitious immigrant can achieve the American Dream. Thank you for pitching in and supporting a mission that is making a difference in our community. 



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