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Help Tribeca Flashpoint Academy students support the conservation efforts of four charitable organizations during Spring 2014’s Production-In-Action!

This month, all first-year TFA students are competing to raise money for one of four charitable organizations:


·         Caribbean Wildlife Alliance

·         Lewis Center for Educational Research

·         Reef.org

·         International Elephant Foundation


Through social media, online games, video PSAs, and live events, each student-led team will create a professional-caliber marketing campaign to encourage contributions to their cause. As donation totals go up, so will a team's chance of wooing our three judges: each of whom will award an additional $5,000 to the total amount raised.



Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (located in downtown Chicago) is a digital media arts college offering hands-on degree programs in Film & Broadcast, Recording Arts, Animation & Visual Effects, Game & Interactive Media, and Design & Visual Communication. Often described as part college, part industry apprenticeship, the school offers a progressive training model through which students begin using industry-standard equipment and software and working on real-work client projects during their very first semester on campus. They graduate with robust resumes, professional-quality portfolios and reels, and the insider industry knowhow and connections they need to step seamlessly into their careers. Learn more about Tribeca Flashpoint Academy at http://www.tfa.edu



An integral part of TFA’s first-year curriculum, Production In Action provides students the opportunity to be part of a large-scale, real-world production experience. During this course, students work together in cross-disciplinary teams to plan and execute a large-scale, multifaceted live production--learning to think on their feet, solve problems in real-time, and create high-quality results in an immersive, collaborative setting.

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