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Kiki Shalom wrote -

The Injustice the systems brought to the Citizens of this World and around the World is the deepest sadness that indeed have been cut deep down inside any human soul. Make a stand in this Century or be ready to lose every good things and wonderful that you known and have seeing with your own eyes. If you think it cannot happen to you, please think again.

Justice and Fairness is our purpose: to provide the help for those that are in needs, for the poor, and the middle classes include the rich. No body left behind that's what We believe in. We believes if everyone learns to love, respect, care, and support each other and their neighbors this world can be a wonderful loving caring world for everyone.

We are the "Our constitutional Rights working Group." We are an activities affinity- subgroup that's coming out from another working group that is part of "OWS." We strongly disagree with a lot of stuffs "OWS" movement is doing, we decided to excused ourselves from those things.

We starting the "our Constitutional Rights" movement with the right minds and for the people, everyone have a voice.

We are trying to raise $250,000.00 plus for down-payment to rent out this building across that is across the street from " Wall Street." We will have 1 year free of rent, along the rent is $22,000 a month, with the options to purchase. The building is a 7 story, 22,000 square feet, with elevator and a basement.

The building will be used to as follows:
1.) Floors one, two, and three will be rent out to pay the bills.
2.) floor four will be used for all kind of free medical's and dental for the people and Citizens of the world.
3.) floor five will have comfort, and kitchen where we can feed the people, and the movement ,along with giving comfort supplies to the people.
4.) floor six will be used to have "Our Constitutional Rights General Assembly meetings " GA," and working groups.
5.) Floor seven will be used for staff's resting place, since we are planning to operate 24/7.
A.) We will also will like to have monies in order to purchases foreclosures properties: put homeless/ those who lost their homes/individuals./ families in them after we fix them. All we are asking in return to give back to the movement and your neighbors.
B.) We believe in the old ways/days where there was no-money rather" Common Wealth." When people used to be people not corporations greed’s, where neighbors used to help each other, and exchange something for another/something else: like skills/trade. Where everyone was equal in the plate-forms.



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