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EVENT DATE: Apr 29, 2017

Every family can run into difficulty. It is just part of being human. But the wonder of families is that by working together, supporting each other, and loving each other, they can come through difficult times stronger than before. Sometimes though, they need a little help to get started in the right direction. Geminus Community Partners helps point your family in the right direction.


We find help. Our trained counselors listen to everyone in the family to determine where the problems are and the best way to help deal with them – whether it’s professional counseling, a support group, or childcare. We work with churches, faith-based organizations and other provider organizations and ensure that these resources are in keeping with each family’s culture  and values. Programs may include job counseling, parenting classes and advice on how to make better use of the community services. 


Geminus Community Partners works to keep families healthy, happy and together.


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Opening Day 5K Team Geminus

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