One Peaceful World: Empowering Youth Internationally to Work Locally

One Peaceful World: Empowering Youth Internationally to Work Locally Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Sep 01, 2016

One Peaceful World is the goal of Children of the Earth (, an international nonprofit operating for decades to inspire and empower youth internationally to act locally. Projects are located on every continent and in many countries including Nepal, Africa, USA, Europe, Australia, and more.


A specific project, Bear Hugs, is currently expanding. This project, originating on the East coast of the USA, brings smiles, caring and hope to children who have experienced traumatic loss of family and/or home due to natural and political disasters.


The act of giving a simple teddy bear to a child can bring a smile and comfort. The added gifts of art and school supplies is frosting on the cake.


You can put a smile on a child's face, and let him or her know that a hug is right there for comfort and caring.  Write your own personal message for the child, and the teddy bear will deliver it.


Children who lost their parents in 911, victims of Hurricane Katrina, survivors in Haiti, the tsunami in SE Asia, civil war in Africa, and now refugee children in the Balkans will benefit. In 2016, Nina Meyerhof, founder of CoE and an Evolutionary Leader, will be leading a group of youth to deliver teddy bears to these children.


Simply contribute $10 a bear and add your own personal message to a tag that will be placed on the bear. If you want to do more, create your own team locally lead by youth to expand the program to your home town. The more teams we have, the more children will benefit worldwide.


Join us for the Bear Hugs project by emailing us at Follow us on Instagram at One.Peaceful.World to stay informed about Bear Hugs and other CoE projects.