Northville Biochar Demonstration

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EVENT DATE: Oct 15, 2017

Join Karl Kaufman of Michigan Ecovillage at Doug Moore's farm in Northville for a Pit Kiln Biochar production demonstration. Biochar is charcoal from biomass, which sequesters carbon from the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years. We will utilize both a Top-Lit Up-Draft pyrolysis unit and the Hawaiian Luau pit pyrolysis technique popularized by Josiah Hunt. Local wood and biomass will be converted to char, and participants will take a bag of Biochar home to experiment with. Techniques to “charge” the biochar with nutrients will also be discussed. Participants will feed the fire, learn about the process and benefits of biochar - including how to prepare and utilize it for soil fertility - and take home a sample of biochar for experimentation in their own garden.
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