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DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 31, 2018

We feel incredibly love one another, to love our friends and family, and to love this amazing life that God has given us. We recognize we are in a unique place in life, not a young couple just starting out, but young enough to be endlessly motivated to make a positive impact on this beautiful world of ours. We are honored to have your love and support and for you to celebrate with us and that is more than enough - no gifts please! Despite our asking for no gifts, if you're compelled to still give something we'd love for it to go further than just our household. To that end, we'd ask you to consider giving to our chosen charities that we believe are making an incredible impact on this world - Logan Loves in the Twin Cities Area and the Beacon House in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Thank you so much for making an impact in our lives and through your generosity!

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Logan Loves

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