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National Running Day - Shoe4Africa

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EVENT: National Running Day

National Running Day


Seeing a problem, or an issue, & just doing the best we can to help.

When kids die, One in seven before their 5th birthday, you ask Why?  You look closer and see the majority of these kids are dying from treatable & preventable ailments.  They have no voice... When I think of the impact of this project... hundreds upon thousands of children...  And we are soon ready to start - we have the land donated, we have Doctors & nurses, the catchment area is 22-million.  We have a partner adults hospital & teaching university in Kenya.  We have the backing of the Ministry in Kenya.

This is an exciting, innovative, and, I believe, the most likely solution to addressing today the travesty of the high child mortality rates in East Africa.  

What will be acheived by this project?  

Hundreds of thousands of kids will, for the first time, get access to a Kid's public teaching hospital. By building the infrastructure of good health in Africa you are giving the continent its best chance to reverse the trend of poverty.  Hundreds of Africans will also get training, per year, that they will take to their district hospitals, their part of Africa, and bit by bit pediatric healthcare will have a stronger presence in Africa.  

This project is so affordable, do-able, and happening that there is no reason why we should not clone this method and in the future reach all the countries in Sub Saharan Africa.    

The truth of the matter is it takes cash.  I have been told 'we don't fund bricks and mortar' so many times by large foundations & charities but that is not a solution, so back in 2008 I started a Wall to ask for donors, as of Spring 2012 we have 7,000 names and over $1.3-million saved... to fund bricks & mortar.  We need continued help, to fill, to expand, and continue.   To date no one has given me a better realistic plan to change the terrible stats you can read to the left. And the inspiring thing is this project is so so close, I can almost touch it!  Thanks for hanging with us.



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Mathew M


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