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Mission Fulfilled 2030

Inspire, Educate & Activate 100,000 Black Boys in Tech

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100, 000 Black Boys being trained for high tech careers of the future

10,000  Men of color in tech as Mentors

1,000 Corporate Partners dedicated to hiring and training diverse talent

Future Outcome: $10 Billion of incremental income to black communities effectively reducing the income/wealth gap of black families by 2030.

My name is Gerald A. Moore Sr. and in October 2019 I launched Mission Fulfilled 2030 a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization to provide young black males with the tools and access they need to compete while breaking down barriers that prevent full participation in the high tech and STEM workforce.

Black males make up less than 5% of the high tech and STEM workforce and I am one of the 5%. As a low-performing student from a disadvantaged school district, I was able to beat the system but it has not been without facing racial discrimination and income inequality. With your support, we can change this narrative.  Through this campaign, your contribution will help us to engage 1,000 black boys in tech.

Black boys have been systematically shut out of participating in high tech, engineering, and STEM fields based on socioeconomic standing and attending low performing and disadvantaged schools.

To fight these economic and discriminatory practices I launched the Online Tech School for Black Boys, which has a goal of educating 10,000 young black males yearly.

I was recently featured in Black Enterprise (read more) for the work I've been doing in this area to make an impact on the income inequality gap for black males through STEM education.

With your generosity and support of this mission, we could impact black boys all across the country and provide them a roadmap to successful STEM careers and higher-wage jobs that can help rebuild black communities empowering the black family.

Together we can Fulfill the Mission to Inspire, Educate, and Activate 100,000 Young Black Males to meet the predicted 1,000,000 Technology workforce shortage of 2030. 

We have work to do and I need you. We will create the CHANGE we want to see. 

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Mission Fulfilled 2030, is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN is 84-3323054. Donor Privacy Policy.