Doing Boston Again! Photo

The Story

Last year you donated 40 thousand dollars on this site in honor of my mother who is living with alzheimer's.

I'm humbled to be a go between from you to the Alzheimer's Association.


I ask you again to keep up the good fight and help #endALZ as I run this year in Boston on April 21st.


I ask you also to give what you can to the OneFund and help the families and survivors effected by the horrific events last year. I want to honor them by continuing to run. For me. For them. For us.


I want to celebrate all that is beautiful on that day. All the gorgeous countryside, the towns, the people, the cheers, the signs, the college girls screaming, the hills, the valleys. Everything. Celebrate it. Laugh as I’m running, like I did last year. Cry as I’m running like I did last year. To be a part of so many peoples journeys to Boston and become one race.


Thank you.


Joey Mac