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The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 01, 2016


The Influencer Awards “Just Being You” Video Contest and Crowdrise Challenge is a social media call-to-action campaign with the goal of creating a platform to promote self-esteem through individuality.

The campaign’s origins and name,, were originally inspired by creative and unique individuals like Demi Lavato "I try to keep it real. I don't have time to worry about what I'm projecting to the world. I'm just busy being myself" and NBA Hall of Famer / Pop Culture Icon Dennis Rodman’s “Just Being Me” slogan that is used in his bio on Twitter.  The concept melds with the story of other Influencer Creatives such as Tyler Oakley, Russell Peters, RuPaul, Alice Cooper, LadyGaGa, Craig Segar, Ric Flair, Joy Cho, Katy Perry and others. 

INNY's Director Ross Meador was nominated by Senator Feinstein for the nation's highest award “Presidential Medal of Freedom Award" for his Non-profit "Friend's of Children," other Directors  include Christopher Pair, the former CEO of Herbalife and Bernard Apel, the former President of RadioShack.  We are building a network of Influencers that can connect to help youth across America.   



100% of proceeds donated via Crowdrise will be donated to the charity of choice of the Influencer or Video Creator.  We will donate 90% of the Amazon, BestBuy, HealthyCoalition and other  affiliate revenue via Crowdrise (the remaining 10% will be to maintain the program).  Also, vote on http:;// for the Influencers and Innovators that made a difference in peoples lives, buy products or share Influencer pouches , or go to and donate to any of the charities or non-profits.




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