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I Challenge Diabetes

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ICD is the charity that focuses on delivering the most engaging, inspiring, and empowering opportunities to the type 1 community.

We do not shy away from the tough questions. Together amongst peers, we build the skills and courage to face whatever obstacles come our way. We practice them together, leveraging our combined strengths.

Each individual may have a different starting point and we meet there to create and celebrate goals together. Life with diabetes demands a lot of us, but the resulting strength gained can expand our horizons.

Our mission is to support, empower, and connect people living with Diabetes by providing challenging programs to test the limits of living with the disease, and high-quality services to help them grow and take accountability for their own health.

Our vision is that all people living with diabetes will have the skills and courage to face the challenges of the disease and learn to accept Diabetes as an empowering force in their lives.