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Patrick McGovern's Fundraiser:

2017 Boston Marathon Team HOPe

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BENEFITING: House of Possibilities

ORGANIZER: House of Possibilities

EVENT: 2017 Boston Marathon

EVENT DATE: Apr 17, 2017

Patrick McGovern


House of Possibilities wrote -


Making a difference for children, adults and families, living with developmental challenges by providing high quality programs and much needed relief and hope. VISION: A world where all families having loved ones with developmental challenges are ensured access to critically needed support, in a space where children and adults can work towards achieving their highest potential.


“The House of Possibilities, Inc. (HOPe) was envisioned as a result of the work previously done by the Volunteer Information Agency, Inc. (VIA), which originated in Milton, Massachusetts. The VIA provided emergency financial support to families of special children for over 35 years. The support available through VIA was typically a one time opportunity to address a specific problem, which could be alleviated from financial support of VIA.

Paula Kavolius, who has a special needs child, was a member of the board of VIA, and she recognized a critical shortage of quality respite at an "in-house program" for families in need of respite and relief. Caring for a special child 24/7 is a physically and emotionally exhausting responsibility. As time went on, Paula realized that helping people in crisis, although significant, was only a temporary patch in their constantly hectic lives. “It felt as though we were fixing potholes, not the road that these families were traveling.”  We also recognized the need for a high-quality adult program, which would allow individuals to continue to learn after high school and promote further independence.

Thus began the expanded mission of HOPe in 2003, to build an actual facility to provide sustained relief from the round the clock care that is required for a significantly challenged child, youth, or young adult.  Quality programming is the key to HOPe’s mission. Families need to know that they are not alone in their challenges, and that someone out there does understand and care enough to do something about it.

HOPe gained the support of Stonehill College through the grant of two acres of land on their Easton, Massachusetts campus.  HOPe’s relationship with Stonehill is a natural fit given their mission of educating the whole person, heart and mind. Stonehill students provide a core of volunteers and the benefits to both the server and the served are immeasurable. We have also been embraced by corporations, foundations, and individuals alike.

In 2009, we opened the doors of the first multi use facility on a college campus, with its primary focus; "respite" for children and families in the United States. 


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