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Help feed rescue animals!  

There are many victims of COVID-19, including rescue animals in need of continuing care.  Hidden Hills Ranch is a non-profit working ranch nestled in the rolling hills of Monterey County, CA.  Hidden Hills is a sanctuary for rescued horses, ponies, and other farm animals.  It is also a place of nurture and education for families seeking real-world activities to enrich the lives of their children.  As part of the programs at Hidden Hills Ranch, children of all ages learn to give our rescue animals the love and gentle care that they need to recover and thrive.  

But COVID-19 has hit Hidden Hills Ranch hard.  The COVID-19 disaster response has meant curtailing revenue generating fundraisers and activities.  So, it is difficult to sustain the cost of feeding and veterinary care for the animals we love.  

COME TO THE RESCUE and support Hidden Hills Ranch.  Your generous donation will be dedicated exclusively to the care and feeding of all rescue animals at Hidden Hills Ranch.  

Visit us at www.hiddenhillsranch.org to learn