Guardian Group

Guardian Group
Guardian Group
GoFundMe Charity : Mar 31, 2011
Tax ID: 72-1613750
BASED: Bend, OR, United States


Human Trafficking

Bringing the Fight to Human Trafficking

When the idea of Guardian Group emerged 5 years ago, we never imagined the severity of the need for 'Bringing the Fight to Human Trafficking'. The exploitation of hundreds of thousands of women and children for sex as a commercial industry is sickening and to think that it takes place all around us is heartbreaking. But what has been awe-inspiring is that even in the midst of such a life-stealing evil there has been movement from people from all walks of life joining together to say, "Enough is enough!"

Amongst those people, we've been blessed to create a truly unique “Team of Teams” that is comprised of quiet professionals with extensive experience from the military, law enforcement, NGO and Criminal Law to relentlessly pursue child predators.

Tax ID: 72-1613750 •

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