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Jan D'Alessandro wrote -

Goals For Good is a nonprofit organization started by two 12-year-old girls in San Francisco who have a passion for soccer.

We came up with the idea when we realized that while soccer gear and top notch coaching is affordable for most of our parents, for those in need, even a soccer ball is beyond reach.

We play on teams in the San Francisco Vikings Youth Soccer League and are raising money for the San Francisco Vikings Scholarship Fund. SF Vikings Club is dedicated to player development at all levels and to providing opportunities to every player to develop their full potential. The SF Vikings offer needs-based scholarship programs that help ensure all dedicated players have an opportunity to play the game they love.

Our Goals For Good fundraiser hopes to take that incredible excitement you as a parent feel when your child’s team scores a goal, and put it to good use. Sign up here and pledge a dollar amount for each goal your kid’s soccer team scores. Every time your child’s team scores, you make a donation. It's kind of like a walkathon, but instead of sponsoring miles walked, you are sponsoring goals scored.

Here’s how it works: Please make an initial, flat donation of $10 or more. Leave as a comment whatever amount you pledge to donate per goal (or a flat dollar amount if you prefer). At the conclusion of the event, you’ll be able to go back to our page and make a donation for whatever amount you originally pledged. Again, if you prefer to make a donation of a specific amount, we will take that too!

Together, we will give children in need the chance to play soccer. We hope you can support Goals for Good, today!  - Francesca and Melia 


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