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Securing political campaigns and civc organizations

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Politicians and political campaigns are increasingly victims of cyber attacks. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea have already generated tens of thousands of attacks on American lawmakers in the early stages of the 2020 cycle.

Campaigns in particular are favored targets, as they must often form quickly, operate on a tight budget, incorporate many moving parts, and have varied levels of technical expertise, which can increase campaigns’ vulnerability.

Fortunately, 95% of hacks can be avoided by changes in human behavior. The right training, given in the right context, can make campaigns much more secure, which is the pro bono service we provide at Foresight2020.

Foresight2020 has provided personalized, live training to over 300 people from over 60 campaigns and 7 state parties. More than 98% of people who take the training make at least one measurable change in their behavior to make themselves more secure.