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18 is a defining moment in everyone’s life,
but for foster youth who are too young to
be on their own—it’s monumental.

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Help provide youth with round-trip bus passes.


Help with professional clothing for job interviews, college application fees, or healthy breakfast for a week.


Provide essential furnishings for a first apartment, or 25 hours of education planning and tutoring.


Move one youth from homelessness into their first home and provide a year’s worth of college supplies.


Help one youth successfully transition to self-sufficiency. This includes one year of intensive, independent living support.

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EVENT DATE: Feb 07, 2016

What we do.

For 18 years, First Place for Youth has provided housing, education, employment and healthy living support for teens leaving foster care. We’ve proven that with the right guidance and support, foster youth can defy the odds stacked against them. 


More is possible.

Foster kids in the First Place programs are twice as likely to graduate from high school; twice as likely to be employed; and six times as likely to be enrolled in college. By the numbers, 83% of youth leaving our housing program retain their housing, 91% attend post-secondary school, and 86% are employed.


You can help.

These positive outcomes are more than statistics. They are the beginnings of a new story. One that reverses the cycle of poverty and signals a brighter future for everyone. There’s no better time to get involved!

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