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Humanity is facing the deadliest health pandemic in history. The AIDS pandemic does not come near this one in the killing of humans. Humanity is facing extinction through the EBOLA fever. What cancer, leprosy, hepatitis, trauma, malnutrition, hunger, AIDS, Tuberculosis and other deadly epidemics have not done, the EBOLA fever does effectively. The EBOLA pandemic is the worst and highly infectious epidemic that humanity is facing. An epidemic that wickedly severs social cohesion, a merciless epidemic that leaves is opened to no mistakes, no relationships, no contact, and no humaneness – a wicked pandemic. This pandemic has instilled fright in everyone. Not even the world powers feel confidence about how to deal with it. While some pastors are using this to prey on their customers, and some politicians for cheap popularity, we have thought it wise and timely, to begin this initiative to accelerate the cure and quicken research attempts towards saving humanity. This initiative, while depending on your generous concern for humanity, will be the greatest campaign in history to save humanity from extinction.
Imagine the joyful embrace, the hug, the kiss, the greetings and the handshake all not tolerated by the EBOLA fever. Imagine the seclusion maybe until death, imagine the highly toxic treatment of dead bodies, imagine the ostracism, imagine maybe the cremation of bodies. The fever that does not end even with the death of the victim. Imagine … Is humanity heading for a head-on collision with such an uncompromising pandemic. Humanity battles with other pandemics, there is hope and greater hope now for HIV which was thought to be the deadliest. There is hope for others which were regarded as deadly. There seems to be no hope for this … and humanity does not have time to reflect, not time to effectively carry out thorough research to save mankind. The glimmer of hope lies in the experimental serum which is just a blind leap into the dark. Time is not on our side. No one is free from this. We are perplexed, we are troubled, we are frantically disturbed.
Let us manage to save lives that are perishing in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, etc. and who knows the next country? Let us act now. Kindly inform and motivate your Facebook Network, Organizations, Charities, NGO’s, countries, governments, individuals, Foundations etc. your Twitter Networks, Your contacts etc. etc. etc. to generously offer the doses needed to rescue our brothers and sisters who are already perishing in these countries.
The Use of the FUNDS
The funds will be used in two ways, namely:
1) The first part of the funds will be used to donate the experimental drug – “zmapp” in partnership with the following organizations – WHO, Samaritan’s Purse, Medecins Sans Frontiers. How many doses of the experimental treatment will you offer for the treatment of the Ebola virus?
2) The second part will be used to encourage and fund research directed towards finding a solution for the EBOLA virus and more specifically, research that is based in the developing countries.
Due Acknowledgements
Every single contribution will be duly acknowledged with a certificate of appreciation from our association, for your kind contribution towards humanity’s worst health challenge.
Every single dose donated to the affected areas will be acknowledged by the above organizations and the acknowledgement communicated to you and your network. Similarly, every research carried out and its progress will be communicated to you progressively.



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